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Team MakeGood joins Quantcast

We're incredibly excited to be joining the awesome team at Quantcast, the market-leading provider of solutions that enable content producers to thoroughly measure and analyze their audiences, and that aid advertisers and media agencies in most efficiently identifying their target audiences and delivering the most effective advertising.

MakeGood's service has helped simplify and automate advertising data management, reconciliation and reporting for tens of thousands of ad campaigns. It's been our great pleasure to have so many agencies, websites, mobile application developers and ad technology vendors choose MakeGood for their advertising data needs.

Quantcast is acquiring MakeGood to bolster the Advertise product and expand its already considerable expertise in ad campaign reporting, engineering and user interface development.

MakeGood will assist Quantcast with more deeply integrating with its clients' reporting systems, delivering more accurate reporting on ad campaign delivery and empowering more advertisers to measure their campaign success with comprehensive and timely ad campaign metrics.

More details available at Quantcast's blog post regarding our acquisition.

We'll be relocating to San Francisco to join team Quantcast, and we look forward to continuing to develop innovative products that make it easy for far more advertisers to better understand and leverage both online advertising and audience analysis.

Cheers & best–
Team MakeGood

Future of MakeGood Service

  • Current clients and free trials will no longer have access to the MakeGood service February 8, 2013.
  • We will no longer be offering free trials of our service.
  • All client data, in any form, will be permanently deleted from MakeGood's systems immediately after February 8, 2013, and this data will no longer be accessible or recoverable by any means.
  • Team MakeGood will be available to assist our clients in transitioning your valuable data from our online data warehouse via our APIs or, for clients with very large data sets (terabyte+ of data) MakeGood will be happy to discuss additional options for bulk data transfer.

MakeGood Clients

  • Team MakeGood would like to thank you — it has been an absolute pleasure working with our clients.
  • Team MakeGood will happily work with you to insure you're able to migrate your valuable data from our service.
  • We encourage you to investigate alternative solutions from AdJuster or Operative if you're interested.
  • We look forward to continuing to work with many of you as a part of Quantcast.

About MakeGood's Advertising Data Management and Reporting Service


Save Time

Manually downloading, compiling, reconciling and managing data takes you days each month. Let MakeGood's reporting instantly free up these hours for more valuable tasks.


Save Money

How many days each month does your team spend compiling data? How much revenue does your company lose to discrepancies and makegoods? MakeGood's reporting gives you these hours back and identifies discrepancies & under-delivery early enough for you to prevent makegoods.


Find Issues Quickly

MakeGood's reporting can quickly identify your over-delivery, under-delivery and discrepancies — without you having to manually compile and search through all your data.
Be notified of issues in time to address them, then reduce their impact and cost.


All Your Data, Instantly

Each evening our service updates all your data, reconciles all matches, and compiles metrics for every creative, placement, order and client.
Access our online reporting tools instantly, or have a scheduled report waiting for you in your Inbox.



We take both reconciling and metrics accuracy very seriously, and we've invested hundreds of hours in the implementation and testing of our data engine. Click here to learn more about how MakeGood works.


Simplify Ad Operations

Free your team's valuable time to focus on more important tasks, and watch their productivity & morale grow.